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Lagoon Beach Hotel Discoveries

Lagoon Beach Hotel in Cape Town has found that fossilized shark teeth have been washing up on their beach front. These teeth are millions of years old and can be sold for thousands of rands on the international fossil market.

Shark teeth are easiest to find in winter, when large swells bend into the bay and churn up the sand, bringing buried teeth to the surface. These teeth lie hidden among shells, pebbles, driftwood and seaweed and those holidaymakers looking to find them will need to look very carefully. Some are fingernail size whilst others can be as large as palm size. In Ancient Rome, students thought that fossil shark teeth were meteorites that fell to earth during lunar eclipses. Medieval Europeans believed that they were the tongues of serpents that had been turned to stone.

A good discovery could be just a few steps away at the Lagoon Beach Hotel.


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